Thursday, July 24, 2014

I'm Not Doing Enough

I'm not doing enough:  Social media, blogging, social awareness, financial supporting, praying, Bible reading, Bible teaching, disciplining, work outs, camping, missions, saving.

Whats wrong with me? Why can't I give more of my time to others? Why can't I give more time to God? Why can't I give more of my time to me?  I am feeling guilty.  Guilty for watching Netflix.  Guilty for not doing the above.  I am overcome with guilt.

Wait... What?  I don't have to do anything?  I am free?  Deep Breath.  It's OK.  I don't have to.  I get to, but I don't have to.  Tomorrow, or next week, or next year I will. For tonight I will spend in freedom.  

I am so thankful for that freedom, and the next move I make will be to pass that on.  If you wanna know about the kind of freedom I get to experience check out this podcast.

If you wanna know how to share freedom with slaves check out this blogpost.

But never forget in all your doing that you are free.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ugly Sex: In Southeast Asia, America, and Your Computer Screen

So I have been struggling with inspiration for my blog recently.  Yeah, its been a while.  The truth is I'm dreaming of moving with my hubby sometime this fall.  And summer has thrown my normal schedule outta whack.  But one thing I've been doing is reading blogs, articles, bible studies, and listening to podcasts about sex.  Not on purpose mind you, it just seems to be the topic that keeps coming up on Relevant magazine, Bad Christian, The Very Worst Missionary, Facebook, my women's Bible study etc.

Specifically issues in sex.  Serious big across the world issues, and hidden in the browser history of many Christians issues, and taught in churches issues.  So in case all of this flood of information coming my way is not just coincidence, but instead something God wants me to share with my small audience, here you go:

Monday, June 9, 2014

Been summery here

I have to say, I have learned my lesson from Easter.  I have slowed down on the crazy crafty mom mode and definitely focused more on what my family needs vs. my own ambition.  And its been great. Summer came in with a bang this May keeping our family super busy.  We have had some great quality time but it has left me a bit uninspired for crafting.  I actually want to get out in the sun instead of at a table.  But I am far from done blogging about diys and crafts.

Here's a glimpse into our Colorado Summer Adventures:
Meeting Darth's crew at the Johnstown BBQ Days
Getting a popsicle thrown to/at Gabe at the parade

Catching ground balls at his first Tee Ball practice

High fiveing the coach at first base

Cheering on their big bro

Please bear with us, I'm sure DIYS or recipes will be coming soon, if this family ever slows down!

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